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Kids Walk For Kids With Cancer
Wiggy's Walkers

This is the letter from the sister of our dear friend Michael who passed away last March at the age of 16 from cancer:

We are walking in memory of my brother, Michael Jon who was taken from us way to early. Michael was the best brother that anyone could have ever had. He was funny, brave and strong. He never asked "why me?" or complained about all the horrific days he spent battling cancer. Instead, Michael took each day that he could and made a difference. I want to honor my brother's memory in continuing to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research until a cure is found. "Live Like Mike" and join Wiggy's Walkers or make a donation today. Please join us in walking or making a donation to help the fight against this horrible disease.

This walk was very important to Michael and all of us.  Please consider making a donation - click here
Upcoming gigs!!!

5/9 - 7pm - Espresso Joe's - Keyport NJ

5/27 - 7:30 - The Delancy - NYC

Jill Cagney, the queen of punk folk, will slip past your defenses and lodge directly in your heart. Her plaintive tone and quirky delivery conjure up images of The B-52s. So much drama, so little time! I can't wait to hear what disturbs her next.

CD review by Roger-Z (05/25/13) The Working

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"...she has a tougher, punk attitude in a still fairly poppy style...Cagney’s songs are rock songs, but they’re lead by her acoustic guitar. It’s not a style that you hear all that often honestly...lyrics are real"