Fiesty, Fearless, Sarcastic Folk/Punk

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You have 2 chances to see Jill live before she undergoes rotator cuff surgery at the end of the month which will keep her from gigging for about 2 months:

8/12 - Mara's Cafe - Fanwood NJ with The Capo Brothers - 7pm

8/24 - The Local NYC - 8pm

If You Leave Me I'll Kill You - Espresso Joe's 1/1/16

Jill Cagney, the queen of punk folk, will slip past your defenses and lodge directly in your heart. Her plaintive tone and quirky delivery conjure up images of The B-52s. So much drama, so little time! I can't wait to hear what disturbs her next.

CD review by Roger-Z The Working

Click here for Jill's Interview with Skope Magazine!!!!

"...she has a tougher, punk attitude in a still fairly poppy style...Cagney’s songs are rock songs, but they’re lead by her acoustic guitar. It’s not a style that you hear all that often honestly...lyrics are real"


You Know You Want To!