Jill Cagney does not bend the truth to be nice, get along with people or fit into society. In her music she writes about the things most of us would not say out loud; then she sings them in public. With songs about friends who always ask but never take advice, Facebook addiction, wanting to curse someone out, forgiveness, the sweetness of falling in love and the pain of losing a cell phone, Jill’s music speaks to our everyday struggles, draws us in and makes us say “me too!”

Jill is based in New Jersey and credits growing up in the New York/New Jersey area with giving her what she calls her“lovingly sarcastic” view of the world. She began writing songs as a little girl; performing them for any audience she could find. She taught herself to play guitar as a young teen, sang in choirs all though her school years, and plays many different instruments including fife, French horn and piano. Jill majored in acting in undergraduate school and went on to get a masters degree in social work from NYU. Her live performances showcase her background. Jill tells the stories behind her songs as she goes; and ropes us in. The combination of her musicianship, stage presence and fascination with human nature set her apart. She is not afraid to poke fun at anything, including herself. Jill credits her influences as Tori Amos, The Pretenders, Liz Phair, U2 and Joni Mitchell.

Jill released her first CD “Sometimes I Tell The Truth” produced by Jason Rubal (Dresden Dolls) in 2009. “Jill Cagney’s music has a feeling of edgy authenticity that could not and should not be overlooked”(Aldon Hynes, Orient Lodge Music Review 5/2010). Jill played throughout the NY/NJ/PA area, in support of her CD, as well in Toronto and Tennessee. She returned to Seventh Wave Studio with Jason Rubal in the summer of 2010, and came out with her CD “It’s All In How You See Things”, released on 4/30/2011, followed by a summer tour. Jill's tour included gigs in Collingswood NJ, Philadelphia PA, Asheville NC, Knoxville TN, Memphis TN and Indianapolis IN.

Jill released her EP called "Nerves Of Steel" on 10/20/2012. She used the release as a benefit to raise $1,200 for a friend's son who was battling cancer. She is currently planning her next CD . Jill is always looking for ways to get her music out there and created a 7 night open mic challenge where she did 7 different open mics and blogged about the experience and the other musicians she met along the way.

Jill has opened multiple times for Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens at The Crossroads in NJ.  She performed as a part of the WFMU Seven Second Delay during their record breaking 60 artists in 60 minutes show. She has showcased at multiple music conferences and festivals.

“Perspective is everything, and a little sarcasm doesn’t hurt either” Jill Cagney


2012 - "Nerves Of Steel"
2011- "It's All In How You See Things"
2009 - "Sometimes I Tell The Truth"

NYC - The National Underground, Googies Lounge, The Annex, UC Lounge, Bar East, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Bar 169, Alphabet Lounge, Ella Lounge
NJ - The Crossroads, The Stanhope House, The Record Collector, International Cafe, Rockin Joe's, Jersey Garden's Mall, Molly Maguires, Espresso Joes
PA - The Legendary Dobbs, The Grape Room, The Appalachian Brewing Company, Cornerstone Coffeehouse
IN - Birdy's
VT - Nectars
NC - Creatures Cafe
TN - The Buccaneer, Sapphire, The Art Market Gallery
Toronto, CA - Slacks, The Village Vapor Lounge

Radio Play:
WIUX, Bloomington, IN
WBZC, Burlington,NJ
WASU, Boone,, NC
WCFM, Williamstown, MA
WCUR, West Chester, PA
WARY, Valhalla, NY
WBMB, New York, NY
WCCS, Norton, MARadio Play:
WMBR Cambridge, MA
WCNI, New London, CT
WRRG, River Grove, IL
WLUW, Chicago, IL
WBCR, Brooklyn, NY
WSCW, Worcester, MA
WDVX, Knoxville, TN
KDHX, St. Louis, MO
KGLT, Bozeman, MT
KRVS, Lafayette, LA,
Radio DePaul, Chicago IL (DePaul Univ.)
Radio Crystal Blue

TV performance/interview Comcast Channel 28 on The Tim Qualls Show