Jill Cagney
"Nerves of Steel"
CD review by Roger-Z (05/25/13)

Jill Cagney, the queen of punk folk, will slip past your defenses and lodge directly in your heart. As she sings in the title song of "Nerves of Steel," "I crossed over your border into your comfort zone. Side stepped all of your land mines to keep you from being alone." On her third CD, she re-unites the same musical team that worked on her previous records -- producer Jason Rubal, bassist Roy Nash, drummer Jason Butcher, and guitarist Dan Gallagher. Ms. Cagney penned all the tunes, does all the singing and plays acoustic guitar.

Maybe her work as a guidance counselor in a New Jersey middle school prepared Ms. Cagney to cut to the quick of so many highly charged situations. In "Missing," she ponders the loss of love. "I found your note on the bathroom floor. Left where anyone could see it, looking for a cure. Silently suffering while nothing buffers the torture. Did it come over you overnight? Did you let it in or put up a fight... You went missing but it was only your mind that went away." "Stop Talking" perfectly describes someone we all take pains to avoid. "I devoted some time figuring out what to say the next time you walked over. With your puppy dog eyes and your know it all way, you think I'm a pushover... Won't you please stop talking? Can't you see I'm falling out of my chair. If you say one more thing about all your pain I'm gonna put an ice pick through my brain." "The Creeper" depicts every woman's nightmare lothario. "You look like a creeper in your white sneakers. There's something about you that makes me say 'eww.' You say things like girl you got a good back. You say things like baby that's a nice rack. You think they love you when they give you a hard slap."

Jill Cagney's amazing powers of observation continue throughout the album. In "Vigilante Girlfriend," Cagney takes action against a "player." "A notch on your belt, your bedpost, an item on your shelf, and I won't let you do it to anyone else. I called all your girlfriends. Told them who you are and how it would end. I planted the seeds that will slow your game... I won't be another one of your collectibles." One weekend, Cagney forced herself to do nothing but write songs. Out popped "Procrastination." "There are only two things I need to complete but they involve a small fight between myself and me. Makes me uncomfortable, makes me sweat so I'll do anything else instead. Wash the dog. Shave my legs. Clean the kitchen, Empty the coffee dregs.

Jason Rubal's production puts Cagney's vocals and acoustic guitar up front and center. Her plaintive tone and quirky delivery conjure up images of The B-52s. So much drama, so little time! I can't wait to hear what disturbs her next.

©2013 Roger-Z

January 29, 2013
By Skope

Hello Skope world, man it is good to be back. I usually do not get too personal but I became a father for the second time on Janaury 18th to a babyboy and I want the world to know how thrilled I am. On another note I want to say a prayer for the victims of the fire in the Brazil nightclub. I hope all bands can learn from this tragedy and use common sense in regards to the stage show. Now that I got that all out, lets talk about the fun, sexy, and talented Jill Cagney. Jill has been on my radar for many years now and she is back with her album, ‘Nerves Of Steel.’ This 6 song collection is in my opinion some of her best work yet. Join us as Jill speaks on her plans for 2013, her personality, rebuilding the Jersey Shore, and much more!


"We asked Cagney to get into the collection: “It is darker and more edgy than my first record…more true to me. I think fans will relate to each of the 10 songs and see themselves in them, or at least find another way to look at the things they deal with everyday. Who hasn’t had the thought ‘If you leave me I’ll kill you’!” Intense, eh? If you like a dose of reality with your listening, then Jill Cagney and “It’s All in How You See Things” is for you"
-Penseyeview.com 6/13/2011

"There is nothing that I admire more than a musician who puts herself and her music out there for all to see & hear. My next guest is the epitome of this and I could not be happier for Jill Cagney as she releases her sophomore CD, ‘It’s All In How You see Things’ Saturday night at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. I have heard the album twice now, and with catchy songs like “Riverbed” and “Change Your Mind” I plan on having this album playing all summer long. Come on out and support a musician who does not need to use shock value & controversy for you to enjoy her tunes, go Jill!"  Stoli - Skope Magazine 4/26/2011

"If you are fans of Sheryl Crow or Liz Phair, you will fall in love with the sweet sounding, casual acoustic rock with a twist of girl power. With amusing lyrics and acoustic guitar filling the background, this music is perfect for that road trip you have been persistently putting off. You are guaranteed to see things just a little differently after listening to these 10 tunes that will rock your soul."  MuzikReviews.com Artist Review  Tracy Johnson- MuzikReviews.com Contributor 4/15/2011

"The Jersey girl loves to keep it real. And if it means dissing “The Jersey Shore” to a room of Canadians — so be it. “That ‘Jersey Shore’ show … I swear to you there’s nobody like that (in Jersey),” she’s heard telling a crowd at Toronto’s Vapor Room in a video montage found on her website highlighting her November tour. “I haven’t met anybody like that. Maybe some of the makeup and fake boobs. But after that … no.” While our girl Snookie’s been getting busy in the hot tub, Cagney’s been busy recording records. In fact, her third album, “It’s All in How You See Things,” is set to drop April 30. And what we’ve heard so far, we like. It’s sweet and sensual indie pop complete with flirty harmonies and truthfully smart, no-nonsense lyrics that refuse to cower."  David Lowry -The Trentonian 3/10/2011
"Jill has a very special way of singing exactly what I'm feeling inside, and I'm sure it's that way for anyone who listens to her music. She's an amazing musician and really puts life in perspective in every song she sings!" PA Musician Magazine 3/2011

"Miss Cagney has the best song about Facebook to date" Dan Herman, Radio Crystal Blue 8/2010

"…So if you like edgy authenticity, take a moment to check out some of Jill Cagney's music." Aldon Hynes, Orient Lodge Music Review 4/2010

"One of the performers that made the biggest impression on me this day was New Jersey singer/songwriter Jill Cagney. She's very straight forward and I think Mom's all over the world can connect with her and her lyrics! Thanks for keeping it real Jill!" PA Musician Magazine 2/2010